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We are the termite experts! 

If you suspect you have a termite problem, please take the time to read this page and CALL OR EMAIL FOR A FREE INSPECTION.

Termites are serious pests!  Unlike most other insects, you never know they are in your home until you either find damage or until they SWARM.

Termites in this part of the world are subterranean.  The live underground, travel underground, nest underground and attack from underground.  They only come up into your property to feed.  Unfortunately their feeding is what causes the damage.

Termites devour the wood (and other cellulose) from the inside out.  This means the wood looks fine on the surface.  Occasionally termites break through the surface of the wood they are eating, but they quickly patch it with mud, thus hiding their dirty work.

Over the course of time we have witness countless termite infestations that homeowners and business owners never knew they had.  Often times these infestations were many years old before noticed.

We have also ran into many cases where even professional exterminators missed termite evidence in the structures they have inspected.

The only effective way to ensure your property is protected against termites is a thorough inspection and a well thought out plan for treatment.

A few things to avoid when considering a termite professional.

1. Never use a company who pays their people a percentage of the job you are purchasing.  They will over-charge and not take the proper time to do the job right.

2. Never purchase termite work from a company who does not inspect a crawl space.

3. Never use a company when the person performing the work has less than 3 years experience doing termite work.

4. Never allow the person to do the work unless they first show you their state certification.  Only use "certified" technicians.  "Registered" technicians are working under someone else's certification and have not passed the written exams.

5. Do not use a company unless they can tell you how much product they are going to use.  (then make sure that amount is in line with the product's label instructions). 

LehighValley pest control Benefits

bullet15 years experience in termite inspections and remediation
bullet10 years experience trouble shooting difficult termite problems for the nations largest termite company.
bulletLower cost of service than the national companies
bulletDamage repairs and consulting available if needed. 
Results Driven
We understand the need to stop the termites now.  We are the experts solving termite problems.  We will do what ever it takes, with honesty and integrity.   

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