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Ants have been a major invader of homes and businesses for years.  However, increases in residential and commercial development in the last decade have contributed to the increase in the number of structures being infested by these problem pests.

Ants can be difficult to control, but not impossible.  Here are a few things you should know about ants behavior that can lead to headaches for your home or business:

         Entry: Ants can enter through even the tiniest cracks, seeking sweet or greasy substances in the kitchen pantry or storeroom areas.  (Some ants prefer sugars some prefer proteins and they will even change their mind depending on the seasons)

         Scent trails: Ants leave an invisible chemical trail known as pheromones for others to follow once they locate the food source.

         Nest locations: They can nest about anywhere in and around your house; in lawns, walls, stumps, even under foundations.

         Colony size: Can number from 300,000 to 500,000, and whole colonies can uproot and relocate quickly when threatened.

         Natureís way of protecting the colony: With comparative freedom from natural enemies, a colony can live a relatively long lifetime. Worker ants may live seven years, and the queen may live as long as 15 years.

         Do-it-yourself ineffectiveness: Most do-it-yourself approaches only kill the ants you see, whereas a truly effective treatment will penetrate and destroy their nest to prevent them from returning. Also, home remedies donít account for the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments.

Carpenter Ant

Can vary in size and color, but in Pensylvania they are usually a Large black ant, usually seen in small numbers but seen often and generally around the same location in the home.... CLICK FOR MORE!

Pavement/Slab Ant

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Argentine Ant     

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Pharo Ant

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Theif Ant

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Odorous Ant

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