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Who We Are

The founder of our company has more than 24 years in the customer service industry.  For the last 14 years he has managed multiple locations for the largest pest control company in the United States.  He was born and raised in Easton Pa and considers the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas his home.

Managing operations for the largest pest control provider has provided us with the experience and knowledge needed to run a professional and successful business.  "I have witnessed both the good and the bad of the major companies as well as the smaller local pest control operators and want to provide our patrons with the best of both worlds!" says founder Jon Merwarth.

In addition to roots in the Valley, knowledge and experience, LEHIGH VALLEY Pest Control is committed to providing its customers with the two key elements often missing in other companies..... INTEGRITY & ETHICS.  The way we do this is through our employees.  In most cases We have known our employees our entire lives and for the rest, many years before we began our business.

 What Separates Us

Many companies have the knowledge and experience and even the desire, but these are not actions.  "What will separate us from everyone else is our actions", "the difference is the integrity and work ethic found in the people who perform the services".

The bottom line is the work is only as good as the worker.  For the foreseeable future the business will be managed and worked by trusted friends and family.  We can think of no better way to ensure integrity and work ethics for our customers.